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1. To provide prosthetic legs to amputees of all races and religions free of charge
2. To produce and provide prosthetic leg parts to departments or organizations that are able to produce prosthetic legs the same way as produced by the Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. the Princess Mother so that those departments and organizations can produce and provide free of charge prosthetic legs to amputees
3. To provide additional devices that could help individuals with prosthetic legs to have a better life quality and be able to make a living
4. To train prosthetic technicians without a bachelor’s degree from Thailand and other countries so that they are able to operate efficiently in hospitals or medical centers
5. To research, develop and improve the quality of prosthetic legs
6. To work with other organization, both public and private, in activities which are for good of the public.
7. To manage the Prostheses Foundation as a foundation of morality


The foundation of Quality, Morality and Sustainability