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Stocking donations Unlimited!!
             Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H the Princess Mother.  Welcome donations for stockings used in the production process of the prosthetics. Regrettably, there is limited recycling of use stocking, that in fact can be used in the production of prosthetics. The Prostheses Foundation allocates part of all donations to purchase new stocking, this is not necessary and the use of second hand stocking would free up more resources to further improve the lives of many sufferer .We recognize that if  donors wish  to help amputees, they can do this in many ways by donating money , collecting  aluminum or used stockings . This can be a one way of helping amputees to get good-quality prostheses and can be used in everyday life effectively.

Why we use the stockings in the production of the prosthetics?                
             Stocking take the shape of the leg in the process of producing prostheses. These will be used in the making of prosthetic sockets. After the completion of the process stocking will be abandoned, which have donated to help in the recycling of materials that can be used to benefit  other and good for the environment.
***** If you wish to donate used stockings, please clean before posting *****
We welcome all stockings any size, condition or color.
You can take part in helping amputees now. Just little things in everyday life. Will help to build support and change they quality of life for amputees.

If you are willing to donate used stocking, please contact the address from below.