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Day - time provision of prosthetics services at the prosthetics office.
To make the prosthesis fast. People with disabilities do not waste time waiting for prosthetics. Foundation for prosthetics So ask the disabled to do. Prosthetics Pre-appointment phone number 053-112271 or the physician to check the body before 10.00 am of the working day in case of lack of level.Under the knee (BK), you will receive a prosthesis within that day and in the case of an abscess above the knee (AK), you may receive a prosthesis within 2-3 days, depending on your condition.Condition and availability of leg
Prosthesis Foundation In Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra Office
Address : 199 M.4 T.Donkwaw A.Mearim, Chiang mai 50180 Tel : 0-5311-2271-3 Fax : 0-5311-2275

 Operating hours Monday - Friday
 Saturday - Sunday - closed               
   Open 08.30 am. - 16.30 pm. 
053-112-271 (Chiang mai)                The Prostheses Foundation