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In 2016 2.Rayong

In 2016, 2.Rayong Province
The 136th mobile prosthesis service unit – the second of 2016 – was organized by the foundation, Rayong Province and IRPC Public Company Limited at IRPC Sport Complex in Rayong during 9th – 15th July 2016. The foundation distributed prosthetic legs to a total of 178 amputees. See below for details.
                   Syme Prosthesis             Amount:      7
                   BK Prosthesis                Amount:      127
                   AK Prosthesis                Amount:      49
                   TK Prosthesis                Amount: 5
                   Hip Prosthesis                Amount: 3
                                                         TOTAL:     191
          Physical therapists also educated amputees about how to exercise and care for their stumps and their prosthetic legs so that those amputees can take care of themselves and are not dependent on their families.
          Moreover, amputees and relatives were given professional training from Rayong Skill Development Center, Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor. For example, how to make traditional inhalers, how to give Thai massage, how to cook meek rob (Thai crispy rice noodles), and how to make paper flowers. The amputees and their families can further use these skills to make and earn a living for themselves.
          For this mobile prosthesis service unit, IRPC Public Company Limited donated 899,800 baht for food and drinks, 211,980 baht for transportation, 65,680.71 baht for facility maintenance, and 650,000 baht to the Prostheses Foundation – a total of 1,829,460.71 baht donation.