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In 2016 1. Tak

In 2016
            1. The Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. the Princess Mother, Tak Provincial Health Office and Umphang Hospital in Tak worked together in organizing the 134th mobile prosthesis service unit at Umphang Municipality, Tak, during 29th November 2015 – 4th December 2015. The foundation distributed prosthetic legs to a total of 147 amputees. See below for details.
            *Note: There are some bilateral amputees who received two prosthetic legs each.
                        Syme Prosthesis                     Amount:     3
                        BK Prosthesis                         Amount:     191
                        AK Prosthesis                        Amount:     29
                        TK Prosthesis                         Amount:     7
                        Hip Prosthesis                        Amount:     2
                                                                       TOTAL:   232