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In 2019 3. Saraburi

In 2019
The 151st royal mobile prosthesis unit project was a collaboration between the Prostheses Foundation and Saraburi province. It took place at Saraburi Provincial Administrative Organization’s multipurpose building, Muang District, Saraburi, during 31st – 5th April 2019. Prof. Emeritus Dr. Kasem Wattanachai, Privy Councilor and Chairperson of Prostheses Foundation, was the chairperson in the opening ceremony of this royal mobile prosthesis unit. A total of 81 amputees from Saraburi and nearby provinces came and a total of 63 prosthetic legs were provided.

    1. Syme Prosthesis    Amount:    2 legs
    2. BK Prosthesis    Amount:    38 legs
    3. TK Prosthesis    Amount:    2 legs
    4. AK Prosthesis    Amount:    20 legs
    5. Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis    Amount:    1 leg

In addition, the Prostheses Foundation offered Level 1 National Skill Standard test for 21 disability equipment technicians; all of whom passed the test. The Prostheses Foundation also provided a workshop on evaluation and care for amputees with leg prostheses for 37 physicians and physical therapists. Moreover, Saraburi Vocational College participated by offering courses in making traditional flower garlands and painting cloth bags to the amputees and their relatives while Saraburi Livestock Office provided a course in egg-laying chicken farming and gave away five egg-laying chickens each to seven families.