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In2018 3.Kanchanaburi Province

The third unit of the year was the 145th royal mobile prosthesis unit – a collaboration between the Prostheses Foundation and Kanchanaburi province. It took place at Chom View Hall, Tha Muang Sub-district Municipal Office, Tha Muang District, Kanchanaburi during 26th – 31st March 2018. A total of 146 amputees from Kanchanaburi and nearby provinces came and a total of 124 prostheses were offered as detailed below. 

    1. Syme Prosthesis    Amount:    2 legs
    2. BK Prosthesis    Amount:    88 legs
    3. TK Prosthesis    Amount:    8 legs
    4. AK Prosthesis    Amount:    26 legs

During this royal mobile prosthesis unit, the Prostheses Foundation also received a total of 1,119,220 baht donation from benefactors in Kanchanaburi. 
Additionally, the Prostheses Foundation, collaborated with Chiang Mai Institute for Skill Development, Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor, also organized a national skill standard test in disability equipment Level 1 for 22 technicians. A prosthesis making competition for AK and BK prosthesis was also held there.