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In 2017 5. Udon Thani

In 2017
The royal mobile prosthesis was a collaboration between the Prostheses Foundation, Udon Thani province, Foundation of Chao Pu-Ya Shrine, AIA Co., Ltd. and 168 Platinum Shopping Mall, Udon Thani. The 142nd royal mobile prosthesis unit took place at 168 Platinum Shopping Mall, Muang District, Udon Thani, from 14th May 2017 to 19th May 2017. One hundred and twenty-one amputees came for the service in Udon Thani, and 114 prosthetic legs were distributed as detailed below.
         Syme Prosthesis                          Amount:     3 legs
         BK Prosthesis                             Amount:     87 legs
         AK Prosthesis                             Amount:     32 legs
         TK Prosthesis                              Amount:     4 legs
         Hip Prosthesis                             Amount:     1 legs
          Some of the amputees attended training courses and joined activities provided by Udon Thani’s Advanced Technology and Skill Development Center, Agricultural Processing and Food Division. The courses included sushi making and sandalwood flower making. The Prostheses Foundation also received donation of 2,075,500 baht (two million, seventy-five thousand and five hundred baht).