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In 2017
The royal mobile prosthesis unit was a collaboration between the Prostheses Foundation and Nan Province. It was also the 141st royal mobile prosthesis unit, which took place at Pua Crown Prince Hospital, Pua District, Nan, from 4th March 2017 – 9th March 2017. Moreover, Her Royal Highness Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Prostheses Foundation’s Honorary President, presided at the opening ceremony of the royal prosthetic leg workshop at Pua Crown Prince Hospital and also acted as a chairperson in the royal ceremony where amputees received the prosthetic legs on 9th March 2017. One hundred and forty amputees came for the service. One hundred and fifty-six prosthetic legs were distributed as detailed below.
         Syme Prosthesis                          Amount:     4 legs
         BK Prosthesis                             Amount:     116 legs
         AK Prosthesis                             Amount:     24 legs
         TK Prosthesis                              Amount:     9 legs
         Chopart Prosthesis                      Amount:     3 legs
          The amputees also had a chance to attend training courses in breeding egg-laying hens, making brooms and weaving. The amputees that attended course in breeding egg-laying hens also received 8 hens and egg food each. The Prostheses Foundation also received donation during the operation of this mobile prosthesis unit. The total amount was 3,850,000 baht (three million, nine hundred and fifty thousand baht).