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In 2017 2. Cambodia

In 2017
In 2017, there was one royal mobile prosthesis unit project operated by the Prostheses Foundation in collaboration with Singha Asia Holding Pte Ltd. It was the 139th royal mobile prosthesis service unit, which took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 2nd January 2017 to 7th January 2017. The objective was to provide underprivileged amputees in Phnom Penh and nearby cities with free of charge prosthetic legs so that they could have better life quality and would not become a burden to their family and the society. Singha Asia Holding Pte Ltd. took the responsibility of paying for all the expenses for this royal mobile prosthesis unit. Most of the amputees were amputated because of the bombing. There were 119 amputees who were given 120 prosthetic legs as detailed below.
         Syme Prosthesis                          Amount:     1 legs
         BK Prosthesis                             Amount:     94 legs
         AK Prosthesis                             Amount:     23 legs
         TK Prosthesis                              Amount:     1 legs
         Chopart Prosthesis                      Amount:     1 legs
         On 7th January 2017, on behalf of Cambodia, Mr. Hun Manith – the son of Hun Sen, the prime minister of Cambodia – acted as a chairperson in the ceremony where the amputees received the prosthetic legs. Mr. Darm Boontham, Thai Ambassador to Cambodia, also attended the ceremony at Cambodia Mine Action Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.