Instructions After Prosthetic Fitting

                                              1. Stumps are part of a body that require care and cleaning. Wash stump with soap and water, and dry thoroughly

                                                  afterwards. Moisturizer lotion and talcum powder should be applied to prevent fracture, fungal infection,

                                                  and bad smell.


                                              2. After removing a prosthesis, amputee should take a careful look at stump if there is any bruises, wounds, or

                                                  other symptoms.

                                              3. Stop using a prosthesis if wounds are found. Clean the wound and apply antiseptic medicine. After the wound

                                                  is completely healed, try putting on a prosthesis again. If the symptom persists, seek medical consultation.

                                              4. Clean a prosthesis and a socket with soap and water. Wipe them with clean cloth and leave them to dry. Avoid


                                              5. Elastic bandage should be applied at all times even after stump has shrunk to normal size . Remove bandages

                                                  at least every 6 hours, and rewrap. Stump should be wrapped with elastic bandages 23 hours a day.

                                              6. Elastic bandages should be washed with washing detergent and leave them to dry on two-string clothes line.

                                                  Do not boil as it will spoil the elasticity. Avoid too much sun exposure.