Stump Problems and Solution


  1. Infection: Amputees who have infection should seek for medical advices.
  2. Fissure: Fissures on stump is caused by dryness. Patients should apply moisturizer lotion over     the stump.
  3. Bone Overgrowth: It is a result of poor surgical operation. If a socket cannot be adjusted, an       amputee needs to undergo a surgery for an excision of bone spur.
  4. Neuroma: The cut ends of nerves will become neuromas. If those neuromas are adjacent             under the skin which can cause severe pain. Surgery to resect and re-implant neuromas deep       into under muscles is recommended.
  5. Stump Edema: Edema is common after surgery. If appropriate bandaging is applied (as stated     in previous section), the amount of edema will soon reduce.
  6. Contracture: The symptom usually occurs before and after surgery and can be cured under         supervision of healthcare providers. Using a prosthesis also plays an important part in reducing     contraction. However, surgery is needed if the symptom is persistent. One should keep in mind     that prevention is better than cure.
  7. Phantom Sensation: Phantom Sensation is almost inevitably after amputation of limbs.               Amputees will still feel the missing part of the limbs, though no pain is detected. In most cases,     the feeling will gradually relieve by time.
  8. Phantom Pain: The painful sensation that seems to come from the missing part of the leg. The     best way to prevent this is to inform patients prior to amputations that both phantom sensation     and phantom pain are common. After amputations, regular stump check-up and bandaging           help relieve such symptoms. Medication may be needed. Receiving prosthetic fitting as soon as     stumps shrink also another way to treat the symptoms as they will gradually reduce after             amputees start using prostheses.

                                                   Problems after prosthetic fitting

  1. Skin disorders - Sweats and irritations can cause skin disorders.
    1. Folliculitis, Fat Folliculitis, and Contact Dermatitis are caused by soaps or other             cleaning agents used to wash stumps or sockets. If these symptoms should occur,               amputees should stop using prostheses and consult their doctors.
    2. Fungal Infection is caused by poor hygiene and causes bad smell. Amputees should           seek for medical treatment.
  2. Choking Effect occurs when a socket is too tight for a stump. Edema at the end of a stump         and wounds are also possible results.
  3. Scoliosis – Patients with uneven legs causing from the use of a prosthesis that is either too         long or too short can develop scoliosis, resulting in chronic back pain. In this case, length             correction of prostheses is required while patients, especially young ones.