Preparation for Prostaetic Fitting


Having good stump requires not only good surgery but also regular exercise as it is vital for amputees to be in good state of health. Strong body will lead to strong stump muscles which will enable joints above the amputated areas to move naturally, prevent contraction, and increase fitness of muscles which control the functioning of stump.
Exercise – preparing your body for prosthetic fitting
Move every joint in arms and legs to maximize range of motion. This should be done at least three times a day (morning, lunch and evening) for at least 10- 20 minutes. Also, general exercise for strengthening body, arm, and leg muscles under the supervision of physiotherapists are also recommended.
Exercise your stumps
Lift the leg stump up against the gravity or press the stump against resistance can increase the strength of the muscles. Regular exercise will allow amputees to walk in good and safe walking manners.