Aluminum Donation


              To collect aluminum is good for environment and useful for recycle


(can rings and/or other aluminum products)

IN THE PAST, the Prostheses Foundation has developed low-price and light-weight prostheses from recycled materials such as plastic from yogurt bottles and aluminum from can rings.

The result of such prostheses is of satisfaction considering that they had light weight and were strong enough to carry the weight of amputees. However, some aluminum parts were deformed when heavily pressured. This is due to the fact that aluminum, solid strong, is not as flexible and tough as other kinds of metal.

Now, sciences and technologies are developed, especially inscience materials. AndTHE FOUNDATION HAS ADOPTED THE INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO 10328 TO INCREASE THE PROSTHESIS DURABILITY AND PATIENT SAFETY. So the materials must be changed. At present, the metal used to produce prostheses is a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. Therefore, in order to reach the standard combination, donated aluminum will be sold and processed prior to prostheses production.

To collect aluminum is good for environment and useful for recycling, aluminum is  a part of the process for the production of the  knee joint and shank hence aluminum offers strong and durable support to assist balancing the weight when amputee when standing.

Prostheses innovation has changed. The process for the development of materials need to concern about safety standards the most for the patient. Therefore, the prostheses foundation, use technologies that reach international standards. All aluminum that we receive by donations, we sell and purchase quality from the same company to provide artificial legs.

However as our suggestion you can sell them and transfer money via the foundation account is the best solution it’s more versatile,


Make a donation now

If you are willing to donate aluminum, please contact and deliver your donations to participating venues below.

1. "The Prostheses Foundation"

-Chiang Mai Office: 199 Moo 4, Don Kaew, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180 THAILAND

-Bangkok office:693 Bamrungmuang road, Pubplachai, Pomprab Sattrupai Bangkok 10100 THAILAND

2. "Bangkok Can Manufacturing Co.,Ltd"

1, 13 Soi Rangsit – Nakornnayok 46, T. Prachatipat,

Thanyaburi, Patumthani 12130 Tel: 02-5330277

Note:If you send aluminum by mail, it will be cost and also we have to pay tax at custom duties. ( It sent from abroad ) Alternatively, donations maybe delivered to either our Bangkok or Chiangmai office .This is an inefficient method of donating.

On behalf of all amputees and the Foundation's staffs, we would like to thank you for your continuous support.