1). To develop various types of prostheses that work well and can be fabricated by any prosthetists and prosthetic technicians
2). To develop prosthetic parts from local resources which are durable and suitable for daily living in geographic diversity and environment, and to produce prosthetic equipments that will assist prosthetists in quicker prosthetic production while meets the standard
3). To enhance knowledge and skills of prosthetists across the country, neighboring countries and other regions through trainings
4). To distribute knowledge concerning prostheses to those who work in medical field.

To be a major prosthetic centre of the region, that develops prostheses which are suitable for regional economics, geographical diversity and environment.

1). To provide free prosthetic legs to those in need regardless of nationality or religion
2). To provide leg prosthetic parts to organisations that are able to produce prostheses according to the Foundations’ models, so that they will be able to provide free prostheses and repair service to those in need
3). To provide additional assistive devices, such as crutches and walkers, to improve the quality of life of those with prostheses.
4). To provide trainings and enhance knowledge and skills in making of prostheses according to the Foundation’s models for prosthetists and prosthetic technicians who operate in hospitals and medical centres
5). To constantly study and improve the quality of the Foundation’s prostheses
6). To carry out activities and collaborate with other charitable foundations to promote the development of public welfare